History of the emergence and existence of Guy Fawkes Mask

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History of the emergence and existence of Guy Fawkes Mask


I. Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes , also known in Spain and Italy under the pseudonym Guido Fawkes is not an artist or even a world -famous explorer . Guy Fawkes was the rebel in the era of the British Empire 1600’an . He was a Roman Catholic , at which time the United Kingdom is a country that is monopolized by the British Empire into Protestant countries . Religious conflict is very obvious at the time, even in the era of Queen Elizabeth 1 ruling , the Catholic priest who was given the death penalty and Catholic faiths are asked out of Great Britain or Catholic adherents shall attend Protestant service if not expelled and punished by the British Government .

Guy Fawkes was born in Yorkshire , England in April 1570 . He was born on the family Kataolik – Protestant , Catholic grandfather was a rebel . Mom and Dad are Protestants Guy bladder , but at the age of 8 years old Guy ‘s father died and his mother married a Catholic man . Strong influence of the Catholic stepfather Guy that makes him so radical as a Catholic . Guy Fawkes is known as a great military man , at which time he was a leader of warriors at Catholic Spain against Protestant Dutch . In fact, he has close to King Philip III of Spain , he had asked King Phillip III to petition against England under King James I The Power of the Son of Queen Elizabeth I , King Phillip But I refused because at that Spain and England were not reconciled .


II . Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes Mask

This is the forerunner to the history of Guy Fawkes mask appears . Guy is disappointed with the decision of King Phillip III then asked to go to the Gunpowder plot led by Robert Casteby . Guy Fawkes has expertise in making bombs , he bombs in charge of building and operating the plan destroy the Gunpowder plot of King James I , the House of Lords and House of Commons UK . But the plan failed uprising Guy Fawkes on November 4th , 1603, he was arrested at his hideout in the basement just below the British parliament , in which the 5th of november 1603 congress will be held in the building . Guy Fawkes was captured and executed by King James I as trying to kill her and considered a Catholic against Protestant rebels .

After centuries passed , Guy Fawkes actually known as a symbol of rebellion minorities form ( oppressed ) against British rule . Parliament bombing plan at the time was considered as an act of revolution in subduing the fascist government . But in the UK in 1606 after Guy Fawkes dies , the British government made ​​mandatory in celebration of the 5th of november as celebratory Bonfire Lighting , later known as Guy Fawkes Day , London England where residents set off fireworks , children’s home-home and asking for treats such as Halloween celebrations and burned an effigy of Guy Fawkes . But at this point , Guy Fawkes statue became a symbol of rebellion and revolution tuntuntan government by the people . In some countries like the United States and some European countries have occurred demonstrations phenomenon where people are protesting using Guy Fawkes mask . The action was triggered by the release of novel V for Vendetta in 1980 and later in the film it in 2005 . Since then the name of Guy Fawkes is increasingly recognized .


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